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    • $24.95 per packet of ivermectin x 10 pills.
    • 2 packets of ivermectin $39.95 x 20 pills.
    • 3 packets of ivermectin $49.95 x 30 pills.
    All purchases include postage, handling and delivery to any where in USA.

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  • Hydroxychloroquine

    • $24.95 per bottle of Hydroxychloroquine x 30 pills.
    • 2 bottles of Hydroxychloroquine $39.95 x 60 pills.
    • 3 bottles of Hydroxychloroquine $49.95 x 90 pills.
    All purchases include postage, handling and delivery to any where in USA.

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Bundle Pack

1 Ivermectin packet with 10 pills + 2 Hydroxychloroquine bottles with 60 pills = $49.95.

2 Ivermectin packets with 20 pills + 1 Hydroxychloroquine bottle with 30 pills = $49.95.

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IVERMECTIN now just a click away, shipped from the USA!! Now available, human grade Ivermectin tablets, that ships from the USA to your doorstep! Receive your parcel of 10 tablets, 12mg per tablet, in as little as 1-7 days! Eliminate the tension of buying fake medicines or even fear of losing your medicines to the customs. Now you can get tested genuine medicines directly from our USA warehouse which is proven in quality and authenticity with the Certificate Of Analysis attached below.

We are a team of dedicated and empathic philanthropists, with an extensive background in healthcare services. We ship all of our orders out of our warehouses located in the USA. Our purpose is to help everyone have access to affordable, proven, life-saving drugs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our work is dedicated passionately to the American patriotic right to the freedom to choose for all.

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